Beyond Scabbard

So you know how I said scabbard was rather dreadful to use?

Well, here are some excerpts from its own help command': - List news: ./ --list news - Add a project: ./ --add projects/project title='TITLE' date='DATE' type='page/document/link' uri='file.html' - Edit a blog post: ./ --edit blog/entry ID title='TITLE' date='DATE/DATETIME'

Note that scabbard managed the content on a MySQL database so I could also use the (MySQL) Workbench but it wasn't much better.

Thankfully, this all changed when I found Lektor. What is it? A CMS for static websites which: Get this, uses jinja2 templates (that I already used in Flask), supports markdown pages and effectively replaces scabbard. With the addition of previews, spellchecking and easy content management!
So it effectively uses Python behind the scenes? I don't care about the details, I can focus on producing content without worrying about which Static Site Generator to use or what I'd have to learn to use it. I'd call that a win-win.