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Deployed the simplified Contract, EarlyValentines are live. Thankfully one Collection refunded 50% since the latest minters could do so for free.


Made a script in Python to generate the entire Collection (the small one will have 360+ Items), JSON+SVG. In the meantime CSS3 animations are now supported in most browsers, allowing me to add basic ones


Seems like deploying this simplified Contract would still cost 0.05 ETH (that's around 158,155$/150€). And I'm out of ETH due to buying into several rugs (that's what a Collection of NFTs is called when its creators just disappear with the funds), this space is full of scams …


Seems like deploying this dynamic Contract would cost 0.2 ETH (that's around 632.62$/600€). Guess I'll have to make a smaller Collection.

Perhaps I'll simplify the Items as well since there's a limit on what a string can store on-contract.


Happy New Year, 2022 is going to be interesting!

I plan on removing paid/monetized games from the Play Store as Google keeps adding/changing rules.

The Cryptocurrency marketplace is dropping fast, let's see how high it goes this time.


Merry Christmas! / Happy Holidays!

Learned about a DNS service that will hopefully last forever and doesn't obey the ICANN rules of having data associated to your domain. No more paying recurrently for a redirect! ( should last until September)


Finished purging my NFTs to clean my [Profile on OpenSea.

I've been hard at work on a new game. It's easy to play yet hard to master. I made a game and learned that Google was blocking sales/ads. Must've missed the email.

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