Star Juggler

In this game you pilot Star Juggler, a spacecraft which can throw and catch Stars.

Face countless enemy who can come from any direction.

It was made using NodeJS in the PhaserJS library, with all the graphics made in GIMP.


  • Movement - Automatic to Mouse position or Keyboard ASDW/Cursor Keys
  • Click/Ctrl - Throw a Star


  • Catching Stars returns its energy minus the health of whatever it went against
  • Your Stars absorb enemy bullets
  • The Stars do a back-circle where they start vanishing. Catching it at this point only gives back 50% of its energy
  • The currency when shopping is your score and the upgrades are transparent until you can buy them (or sell if you just bought it)


  • Low resolution (64x64) graphics
  • 21 evil enemies which can come from any side
  • 17 damaging types of bullets
  • 6 beneficial Pickups
  • Charging weapon which throws several sizes of Stars

Features not in the Prototype:

  • Up to 8 directions in which you can throw Stars
  • 3 modes of difficulty, from (hand-holding) Easy to (insanely) Hard
  • Several Starlanes and Worlds to traverse, with an occasional Shop
  • Able to go Fullscreen (check the button on the right of the Menu for Options)
This work is licensed under GNU General Public License