Spizzy, the fox, wakes up in an unknown place, trapped inside a ball! She needs your help to escape this prison, can you save her?

Originally made in NodeJS with the PhaserJS library. Then migrated to the Godot Engine. Art was mostly made in Inkscape.


  • Wake Spizzy up by Clicking her
  • Press anywhere to launch Spizzy in that direction on the Original, press and drag Spizzy on the Latest
  • Holding the mouse down spins Spizzy. The faster, the stronger the launch


  • Walls need some force to crack so be sure to have a spin first
  • Bumpers (circles) bounce and increase Spizzys' speed
  • Hard Walls (lozenges) are unbreakable
  • Spikes are bad if you hit them hard enough
  • There are 7 levels in total and Game Over takes you back to the start.
  • It takes 5 seconds until the game switches to the next dream. This was done so that the Player can see his "score" (how long he took to clear the dream). Only the ending is exited by clicking.
This work is licensed under GNU General Public License