Daily Quests

Play as YOU and help him face the challenges of daily life. A parody that represents daily life as an RPG with stats and quests! Includes the fun of looking for random Items with no pointers on where to look.

It's ironic that the Pandemic came afterwards, placing many in that situation.

Uses JerboaTTS, my Javascript Text Terminal Simulator, with some of the (Browser) fonts pictograms having been replaced with colorful Emojis.


  • Use the Arrow Keys or WASD to move YOU.
  • Press X or Escape to exit Devices.
  • Moving against a Thing touches it.
  • Moving against a Trash Bin makes YOU drop whatever he is holding. In some cases you can even put it back where you found it!
  • Press Spacebar or Return (Enter) to show the Quest List.
  • Talking to Parents after they give you Quests requires the requested item, otherwise YOU gets sad.
  • Like most RPGs you're not forced to do anything. However it makes YOU sad.
This work is licensed under GNU General Public License