Loopy Looper 4

This started with a series of 3 Applications made between 2008 and 2009 in Flash. Years later I updated it to a HTML5+CSS+JS page, making it a sibling to Loopy Shapes.

In comparison, they have the following sizes:

  • 1: 31.4 Kilobytes
  • 2: 33.9 Kilobytes
  • 3: 39.1 Kilobytes
  • 4: 8.3 Kilobytes

This is due to the fact that this last one is just text (HTML+CSS+JS) while Flash embeded all the assets, like fonts, into the file.

This application is not reactive! The controls are at the bottom, under a 700x700px canvas to allow users to save the image.
This work is licensed under GNU General Public License